GOD'S ENGLISHMAN by Leland Dewitt Baldwin


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A more popular -- and in general more sympathetic -- presentation of the Briton than Dennis Brogan's The English People (Knopf -- p. 23) which gives an evolution of the Angle-Saxon spirit through the experiences in his history, his ancestry. Character portraiture of the ambivalent Anglo-Saxon, his insularity and his unimaginativeness, his pragmatism and his conservatism, but his consistent maintenance of the dignity of the individual conscience -- and a sense of balance which are essential to the civilized man. Attitudes, policies, methods, his mixed heritage, Christianity, Common Law, language, morality, monarchy, imperialism, capitalism, the concept of the gentleman, education, some of many aspects considered along with incidents in her history which have helped to condition the Englishman. A level portrayal, wittily pointed up -by the author of the currently popular Story of the Americas.

Publisher: Little, Brown