THE RETIREMENT TRAP by Leland Frederick & Lee Morrison Cooley


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Not a book about all the aspects of retirement but one which focusses on the types of retirement communities now available to our ""senior citizens""--and reveals that all is not right with these worlds. The authors find that there are five basic types of retirement communities: the self-contained retirement city or village; the urban retirement hotel or hotel-apartment; the low-cost housing authority projects; the mobile-home or trailer-park communities; the life-care retirement facility. They assess both the profit and non-profit oriented communities, with an emphasis on the former with the money magnets that draw but often prove of little benefit after the crucial decision to join the community (what people really do is different from what they dream of doing). Those include swimming pools, expensively decorated apartments (with scaled down furniture), hobby rooms without supervision (teachers make a difference). As to financing, most facilities are accessible only to people with above median incomes; even so, medical expenses can deplete resources alarmingly. An excited expose, much too darting in its commentary to be a complete guide, points up the fact that there is no comprehensive, rational program to serve our senior citizens. This informs while it alarms, and is of interest to those who consider joining the ""tended herds,"" or the relatives who are concerned for them.

Publisher: Doubleday