THE RICHEST POOR FOLKS by Leland Frederick ooley


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This is one for the whole family. It is the account of a ten-year-old oy's sojourn with his Gramma and Aunt Jo on their farm in California's upper Sacraento Valley in the '20's. A flash flood, salmon spearing, a visiting ""Professor"" ith a scientific bent toward alcoholic preparations, an enema for a horse; and he reticent courtship of the maiden aunt by a local bachelor are only a few of the many happenings which provide comic suspense or lovable heroism. The rural community is carefully conservative but warm, and the immigrant Greek suspected of being a Wobbly is finally exonerated. From the vantage point a few inches above nd behind the boy's shoulder, we see all the characters as only slightly three-dimensional, with no questioning of their essential qualities. Occasional adult insights on the part of the author rarely disturb the prevailing youthful mood. Within its narrow limits this is a fine job; the right word for it is heartwarming, with no contempt implied.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday