YOU HAVE A RIGHT: A Guide for Minors by Leland S. Englebardt

YOU HAVE A RIGHT: A Guide for Minors

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Preserving the special, individual rights of minors while trying to halt vandalism"" and youth crime poses a dilemma for Englebardt, and he never looks beyond that superficial statement of the problem. During the course of this readable but unfocused discussion, he apprises youngsters of the voidability of minors' contracts and the limitations of landlords' and property-owners' rights vis-…-vis tenants and trespassers; cautions them that stiffer attitudes toward delinquents will make it harder to get away with crime--and that ""the national trend toward decriminialization of pot is no guarantee that you won't be sent to reform school""; surveys progress made in the areas of child labor and juvenile justice; provides some information on minors' rights regarding birth control, abortion, and marriage; and advises friends of victims that it is their duty to report evidence of child abuse and neglect. Englebardt's style is informal and easy, and some kids might pick up some useful information along the way, but the book has an air of slackness that is traceable to the author's insufficiently crystallized viewpoint.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1979
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard