TARGET: YOU by Leland Stowe


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This is an essential book for thoughtful citizens who want to feel that every one of us has an opportunity to decide the course of world events. It is a book for the average American-""America's John Betwoon""- the middle man. His strength rests on economic foundations, his class constitutes the American majority- whose collective influence is a decisive one. Stowe, in the first half of the book, reminds his readers of the steps by which we have plunged into depression, wars, the aftermath of wars; the causes for our fears today. He supplies historical evidence to show how totalitarianism swept Europe- the Right and the Left putting the squeeze on the Middle Men. And he shows that the shrinking of the world has brought us into a plight similar to Europe's, a danger not unlike Europe's. We must recognize those dangers. We lie in the crossfire of totalitarianism; it is possible to keep conservatism free from disguised Fascists and liberalism free from Communists. It lies in our power to avoid the impending ""boom or bust"" road to depression. It lies in our power to choose the alternative to another war- the bankruptcy of national defense- the ""immoral companionship of prosperity and war"". ""We live in a vicious circle on borrowed time."" We must choose the way out- world government through world law. Closely reasoned- at times he seems to labor the point -- but the end conclusion is succinctly and inescapably reached, in terms every reader can accept as his own. An important book, if America's John Between is to act in the ten years Leland Stowe grants him.

ISBN: 0548448345
Publisher: Knopf