LADY, BE LOVED! by Lelord Kordel


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The author of and Grow Younger approaches women in general and you in particular as to your glamour and desirability. Marriage is viewed, not in terms of companionship or even friendship-but through a filmy nightgown and from a single- standardized criterion of beddability through which woman can achieve ""the normal fulfillment of her sex role"". Sexual incompatibility and its threat of infidelity can be eliminated by the woman who cares- and for her husband too; sex appeal (and there's some explicit hygiene) can be achieved; sexual stimuli (from diet on up) are indicated; pregnancy (""often the severest strain to which a marriage can be subjected"") need not be disfiguring; menstruation and the menopause can be handled without detection; etc. etc. Marie Stopes material, at the Gayelord Hauser level, with values which are largely face- and/or surface.

Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 1952
Publisher: World