THE PIRATE BOOK by Lennart Hellsing


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Shiver my timbers!/Lollipop!/Jolly Roger/to the top!"" This is one of those insistently rollicking ditties rife with visual slapstick (or cannonball conks) and exclamation points. When their ship is blasted in a battle with some other pirates, the unshaven and bloodthirsty band swims to an island where they drink and dance and then settle down, each with a wife and a new occupation: ""Pirate Farmer/becomes a farmer./Pirate Bridges/puts up bridges./Pirate Moore/opens a store,"" and so on. But one day a recruiting pirate ship comes by and ""the call of the sea/is far too strong,"" so it's ""Off to find a Spanish galley/off to board her for her treasure."" The deliberately obvious rhymes and the bright cartoonlike pictures tell you not to take any of it seriously, but you might not want to take it at all.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1972
Publisher: Delacorte