TARRY AWHILE by Lenora Mattingly Weber


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College marriage is in for a going-over in this new Beany Malone story. As Beany watches her friends take the giant step despite school and financial hardships, she becomes restless with her own decision. She and Carlton Buell had planned to be married after Carl's graduation. This made perfect sense to Beany until her closest friend Kay turns up with a football playing student-husband, and all this at the time of Dulcie's flamboyant wedding. For the dubious headshakers, there was always the Hutchinson marriage to point to. Peg and Hutch were managing well even with a baby. Talk of marriage, apartments, babies makes Beany's interests -- campus, Lilac Way, dating, seem dull and ""sensible"". Judge Buell's antagonism toward early marriages only adds fuel to a flame which bursts the night Beany challenges her fiance's good sense and the engagement is almost broken. It takes the crisis of Kay's pregnancy to teach Benny that no sweeping generalizations can be made about early marriage. For Kay and Joe it was an error, for others it worked out well, but for Carl and Beany, to ""tarry awhile"" was best. Despite the many viewpoints considered, Miss Weber's minor characters are largely stereotypes, a fact which will hardly deter Beany Malone's special fans.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1962
Publisher: Crowell