THE MORE THE MERRIER by Lenora Mattingly Weber


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As any Beany Malone fan will tell you, wherever Beany is, there's sure to be something going on. And when Beany decides to let rooms in their large old house during the summer while her family is away, more goes on than even the energetic Beany reckoned on. Amidst her worries about balancing budgets, feeding the ever hungry youngsters who surround her, and making a profit for her non-profit tenants, Beany aquires a protege and nearly loses her best beau. But the protege, Lias, a fat girl from Kansas, rewards Beany's efforts with her new streamlined gaiety, and not even a staunch marine can stay away long from the irresistible Beany. An idealized version of American family life with a Catholic emphasis.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1958
Publisher: Crowell