THE WINDS OF MARCH by Lenora Mattingly Weber


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A second appearance for Katie Rose who may eventually supplant Beany Malone. This finds Katie Rose, temperamentally bubbly and bouncy and all wound up like a yoyo (she can even think ""I love you all. I love life.""). BUT things do not go as easily for her this time. She is helping Bruce, wealthy, athletic, all- American attractive, with his poetry homework until he is annexed by Stacy; she is also anxious to land a part in the musical comedy which will show them both that she is ""somebody."" However, she gets to prove herself in another way when she is kidnapped, with a baby-sitting charge, and makes a fast escape... Even if the story line doesn't coalesce along too firm lines, youthful spirits do effervesce and this is a popular candidate for the coke and cocoa set.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1965
Publisher: Crowell