SING FOR YOUR SUPPER by Lenora Mattingly Weber
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Fresh, engaging story of a traveling theatrical troupe, around Denver, Colorado, in the '60's. Dora, turned 16, is devoted to the life, and to her foster mother, Mary. Many ups and downs, in their uncertain life, with another troupe as rivals, snatching their theatres and their audiences. There is Dora's Aunt Hitty, her legal guardian, who comes west to take her away from a life she disapproves. The troupe settles down to chicken farming, to convince Aunt Hitty that Dora is leading a genteel life. But eventually, with theatre in their blood, they go back to the stage. Aunt Hitty decides to stay with them and do her bit. Original presentation and material, for a very nice job.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1941
Publisher: Crowell