A DOG NAMED DUKE: True Stories of German Shepherds at Work with the Law by Leo A. Handel

A DOG NAMED DUKE: True Stories of German Shepherds at Work with the Law

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The eleven selections included sniff out the trails left by some of the most distinguished police dogs. Among the best known are Rex III, the Scotland Yard dog who helped his officer-trainer make 125 arrests and Dox who lent an ever-helping paw to Italy's Squadra Mobile and finally surpassed Rex's record. There was Captain, who had an extraordinary ability to trace narcotics, Trooper who held two criminals at bay when his officer was knocked out, and others. The dog named Duke melted the hardened heart of a juvenile delinquent named Pedro. Duke, it seems, has made Pedro change from a cop hater to a boy who wants to become a policeman--not out of a sense of civic duty but so that he can be around dogs. The stories are all told with dialogue, and in the cases involving foreign forces there is hackneyed dialect. The dogs are all handsome, noble, intelligent, important members--not mascots--of their respective organizations. Interspersed in the case histories are explanations of how the police dogs are trained, and the introduction gives some background on how the idea of using dogs as police aids developed. Popular dog, surefire subject.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1966
Publisher: Lippincott