BUS 9 TO PARADISE: A Loving Voyage by Leo Buscaglia
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BUS 9 TO PARADISE: A Loving Voyage

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The Pied Piper of uplift is with us again, singing the joy of love, the healthfulness of humor and the pleasures of spontaneity, playfulness, laughter, good food and other simple things of life. These cullings from Buscaglia's syndicated column are mildly subversive in today's goal-oriented, upwardly striving, health-and-fitness-conscious world. He celebrates the here and now, reminding us that ""to pass up or ignore the possibilities of present laughter, to fill our lives with plans for some nebulous tomorrow is to court the possibility of permanent, irreparable loss."" Love is not spread around like oleo in this collection--perhaps because Buscaglia feels he's temporarily exhausted the possibilities of that subject. In fact, he tends towards self-indulgence: his mama's minestrone and pastas, his dad's love for gardening, the pleasures of the siesta, the importance of animals to one's self-esteem. To be fair, he also hails work as a source of self-worth and claims (no surprise) that helping others is more fun than selfishness. His ultimate message--""Life is wonderful, joy is our birthright, and love is what it's all about""--is conveyed with such an infectious bounce. . .it is almost irresistibly appealing. With a first printing of 350,000, the publisher obviously feels good about this one.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1986
Publisher: Slack--dist. by Morrow