POST MORTEM: The Jews in Germany Today by Leo Katcher

POST MORTEM: The Jews in Germany Today

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This is chiefly a person-to-person investigation of certain key points; who are the Jews now living in Germany (some 26.000--only 15 Rabbis; they are for the most part unpracticing); how do they feel about Germany and vice versa; is Naziism dead (no, but there isn't much of a target left in the Jews); and is there a future for the Jews in Germany none--soon Germany will be Judenrein. There's a slight interconnecting commentary between the coalescing classifications of the kinds of Jews left--the illegalen, the returnees (mostly filled with guilt), the intellectuals and artists, the court Jews (only a few a Warburg), the Eastern European who predominate.. . . All however feel the divisiveness epitomized in the name Dietrich Israel, and one states categorically that Germans and Jews cannot exist together. Fewer and fewer are attempting to do so. The book, while not pretending to be more than a spot check, inevitably contains many small, sad stories of the residuals who are still displaced people.

Pub Date: Nov. 4th, 1968
Publisher: Delacorte