THE BLIND CAVE by Leo Katcher


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Feeling blue? Black and blue and in a blind bind? Hazards of the profession and all that. We know. Sneaky us. Yes, Rick Landon, we were there, we faithful followers of heroic spy epics and not a punch passed by or a kiss missed these many months (years?). Mr. Landon, we sympathize. We know how you felt to be harassed by your hated superior Harvey Pennell whose loyalty code to the government had forced him to keep yo from saving your wife so long ago. And our heart breaks to realize that you are trusted by no man, not even your assistant who is keeping notes in that copy of Playboy he keeps staring at, and that you are trusted by no government, not even your own that has sent you on this do or death assignment to find the missing plutonium that could destroy half the world. And the fact that the Soviets are also concerned and you have to deal with your oldest enemies... that helped kill your wife...the mind boggles. And staggers as it leaps to the conclusion. Not mad scientists in the hands of a warped, all-powerful official? Oh Rick, a second conclusion. You should have resigned. It's not worth the bruises.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1966
Publisher: Viking