ST. GEMMA GALGANI by Leo. Rt. Rev. S.J. Proserpio


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The story of the little maid of Lucca, Italy's modern saint whose canonization set for May, 1940 has so stirred the Roman World. Her life is told partly in her own words as she set it down in her autobiography, and partly by the Bishop of Calicut. It is an almost unbelievable story, yet one of great sincerity and power. Born of a good family in 1878, Gemma was the first child of eight. From her earliest childhood she was aware of her mission, and revealed a precocious understanding of all things mystical and spiritual. With her canonization there will be a ready market for this book, as there has been for books on St. Therese of Lisieux, The Little Flower, to whom she is often compared.

Publisher: Bruce