RUBENS: The Battle of the Amazons by Leo Van- Intro. by Puyvelde

RUBENS: The Battle of the Amazons

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An unusual series of art books, entitled Form and Color, designed to give the art lover some sense of familiarity with the world's great canvases. The original of this painting, which was for years in the Alte Pinakothek in Munich, was found by the American Army concealed in a salt mine -- and was later included among the canvases shown after the war in some European cities. This portfolio (boxed) shows in 8-color reproduction, seven detailed sections of the painting, which measures in the original 48"" by 65"". Professor Puyvelde's introduction examines minutely the details, and interprets the conception behind the painting, and places Rubens as representing the spirit of northern Baroque art.

Publisher: Harper