TURN OF THE TIDE by Leo Walmsley


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A six part autobiography, -- attractive, careful without being pedantic for all its inclusion of factual information, and entertaining reading. The English edition was titled So Many Loves -- not, says the English reviewer, ""pinup girls"" but diversity of interests. Fishing and boats led to marine biology; one career grooved into another and all contributed to a climax in making a picture, Turn of the Tide, from his book Three Fevers, a picture which brought him special fame and fortune, and which had a local and professional success. There are varied appeals, -- the trained observation makes every detail significant, both in natural and marine history; the craft of writing for magazines; moving pictures; travels in Africa; the Royal Flying Corps of the last war; a moving picture expedition to photograph animals; travels with a donkey; and his loved Yorkshire esset. To those who enjoyed his novel Love in the Sun this will be refreshing biography.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1945
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran