MEMORY AND DESIRE by Leomora Hornblow


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A genuinely sophisticated and subtle story of a love affair, this has a facile, finished touch, is soft in its more sentimental moments, more abrasive in its portrayal of the Hollywood scene. Gordon Cram, a writer, temporarily on the Coast while working on a script, known for his many momentary liaisons, is also known for his attachment to his wife of fifteen years whom he thinks of with affection but no passion. Falling in love, this time more than casually, with Alma whose beauty is legendary, Gordon finally breaks down, reveals the obligation to Louise, the hidden existence of the Mongoloid baby they had had. Deciding to divorce Louise, Gordon is called back to New York by the death of the child, gives up Alma and is left only with the ""residue of emotion, memory and desire... For more worldly tastes in feminine fiction, this is smart and occasionally affecting.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1950
Publisher: Random House