RED MAN'S TRAIL by Leon Dean


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In a northern lake region rich in Indian lore, a young bookworm learns through his guide, Tud, that there are important, exciting things even scholarly interests, outside of books. Together with Prof. Dixon of a university in Vermont, they get on the trail of some not-yet-discovered Indian cave, which some unscrupulous people are after. Adventure, foul play in deep and shallow lake water, fishing, tournaments, races- lots doing through a good summer, at the end of which Tud and our stoop- shouldered scholar find a middle ground of agreement and compromise. There's enough of romance, discreetly in the background for this to have girl as well as boy appeal. Sprightly writing, with easy literary puns, which will delight young teens.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1948
Publisher: Rinehart