YOUR NEWSPAPER: Blueprint for a Better Press by Leon- Ed. virsky

YOUR NEWSPAPER: Blueprint for a Better Press

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Blueprint for a better press"", as envisioned by the nine Nieman Fellows at Harvard, all practising newspaper people, reporters, editors, publishers. They were given a year at Marvard to study anything but journalism. They had access to such newspaper greats as Ralph Pulitzer, Mrs. Ogden Reid, Mark Ethridge, etc., and their opinions and influences are evident in this description of what a newspaper should be. The inadequacies of the daily are considered from every viewpoint,-local, foreign, national; the reporting of science, education, sports, the arts, religion, the columnists. The problem of advertising and the role of the newspaper as guardian of liberty are discussed. Aggressive- with specific remedies outlined.

Pub Date: Nov. 25th, 1947
Publisher: Macmillan