NEW YORK TO ROME: JET FLIGHT by Leonard A. Stevens


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This is a blow by blow account of every detail involved in the safe takeoff and landing of a jet airliner traveling from New York to Rome. The hero is the MATS MULE, a commercial craft with an impressive record of service. From the moment she taxis into the airport for pre-flight inspection, there are countless items to be checked out involving the services of scroes of trained personnel. The important roles fulfilled by the weather dispatch officer, the load control agent, the ground crew lead directly to the ultimate responsibilities of all the men in the cockpit. The route is traced by way of the Polar Frost Jetstream as unmapped conditions of weather are dealt with and the mechanics of navigation handled expertly. Sparsely interwoven in highly technical discussion is background information on the pilots. The job of the stewardess is outlined along with a detailed menu of what she will be serving to first class passengers. But human interest is at a minimum here, limiting the audience to those who care about the mechanics and teamwork involved in operating a passenger jet.

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 1962
Publisher: Harper & Row