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THE CASE OF ROE V. WADE by Leonard A. Stevens


by Leonard A. Stevens

Age Range: 13 & up

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1996
ISBN: 0-399-22812-8
Publisher: Putnam

 A good discussion of the abortion controversy and the 1973 US Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, which struck down the Texas law prohibiting abortions. Stevens presents a thorough and well- researched history of laws in America that were made to protect morals, including those that prohibited the dissemination of birth control information and devices and abortions, and traces the birth control movement led by Margaret Sanger. Readers will be interested in how two young lawyers in Texas, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, fought successfully to overturn the anti-abortion statute. Where the book falters is in an explanation of the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision. Stevens does not explain the concept of ``state's rights'' and why a state has power to make laws to protect its inhabitants. Nor does he explain the ``balancing test'' which must occur when a state law conflicts with an individual's constitutional rights. In fact, Stevens quotes the decision instead of explaining it, leaving out crucial legal reasoning in a topic that arouses strong feelings in so many people. (index, not seen, bibliography, glossary, appendices) (Nonfiction. 13+)