THE HILL by Leonard B. Scott


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An especially violent blood-and-guts Vietnam adventure--strong on combat, extremely weak on plot and characterization--from the author of Charlie Mike (1987) and The Last Run (1985). In 1965, a couple of half-brothers grow up together in the little town of Meyers, Oklahoma. There's Jason Johnson, football star, favored by his father and coaches--and then there's the bad seed: Ty Nance, who rubs all authority figures (stepfather, coach, sheriff) the wrong way. Naturally, when both Jason and Ty end up in Vietnam, Jason is a lieutenant, while Ty is merely a grunt--and the point man on a Ranger platoon to boot. Both see plenty of action during the hideous six-month-long battle of Dak To, in 1967. In particular, Scott's novel graphically--almost lingeringly--describes Jason being caught up in the carnage ensuing from the American attempt to capture Hill 875 from North Vietnam regulars. Eventually, Jason's company is overrun and slaughtered--but he survives to be saved by Ty. What storyline there is here--Ty's alienation, Jason's break-up with his girlfriend, the two brothers' discovery of each other--is strictly for the funny papers. But the realistically depicted combat scenes should appeal to Vietnam War buffs.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1989
ISBN: 0345490576
Publisher: Ballantine