IT'S A FREE COUNTRY by Leonard Brain


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A good many of the new novels coming out of England today rely on the scenarist's technique; there is no waste wordage. This is no exception and Brain, an ironist- realist, tells just what happens to Charles Howard, who has a sensitive job in the defense program, after Crippen, a security officer, is sent to investigate him. Crippen, who easily transposes personal premise into damning surmise, is sure that Howard must be a Party member since he fought in Spain with the International Brigade. Howard is sacked, and the balance of the book deals with his attempt to investigate his investigators: Crippen and the dingy members of his family; the homosexuality of his superior; and the odd pursuit of another associate who collects toilets.... All of this is reduced to an effective minimum which holds interest and Brain makes his point well-- but to whom will he get it across?

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1966
Publisher: Coward-McCann