WOLF POINT by Leonard Dubkin


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An imaginative communion with the past carries the story of a spot of land backward in time. As a businessman, the author (who has written The White Lady and Enchanted Streets) plays hooky on a little point of land on the Chicago River and the trancelike influence it has for him sends him to every volume relating to the history of his city and that particular area. From information on Wolf Point he recreates the life of Robert Collyer, a Unitarian minister of the 19th century; of John and Kitty Wright, early settlers in the 18th century; of Jean Nicolet, under Champlain and explorer of the 17th century; and of the Indian princess who was the basis of a legend before that. Time travel in meditative terms, this brightens and polishes history from a personal point of view. A pleasant trip.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1953
Publisher: Putnam