THEOLOGIANS OF OUR TIME by Leonard- Ed. Reinisch


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Theology has become the ""in"" subject, thanks to Vatican Council II in particular and ecumenism in general. For that reason alone it is good that an effort has been made to synthesize the thinking of the prominent theologians of our times who are playing important roles in the change going on in the Christian world. The layman who reads of them in the popular media tends to confound and confuse. Here editor Reinisch has put together evaluations of leading Protestant and Catholic theologians. The Protestant group includes Barth, Brunner, Bultmann, Neibuhr and Tillich. The Catholics and Adam, Balthasar, Congar, Guardini, Rahner and Schlier. Actually the summations are at best a bare introduction to the work of these distinguished scholars. Many will find this sufficient. Others may well have their interest whetted to seek out the basic works of some of these theologians. The editor attempts to tie the varied views represented together but it is a formidable task in short space. As a unit, the book leaves one unsatisfied. More biographical information about the men themselves might have helped to make the book more readable.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1964
Publisher: Notre Dane Press