LEADERS OF NEW NATIONS by Leonard & Erma Ferrari Kenworthy


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The nations are no longer new, and some of their leaders are no longer leading, a circumstance which Mr. Kenworthy and his co-author have adjusted to in this revision of his 1958 work. Diem (earlier called ""The Steady Hand in Vietnam"") is out, along with Senanayake of ceylon; Balewa, Kenyatta, Nyere and Senghor are in. Besides the foregoing, them African complement consists of Nkrumah, Mohammad V and Bourguiba; Nasser, Ben Gurion and Hussein represent the Middle East; from Asia come Jinnah, Sukarno, Nehru, Magsaysay, U Nu and Rahman (of Malaysia). Each of the biographies has been revised and up-dated to the end of 1966 but the authors have not downgraded the early accomplishments of the fallen heroes. The story of each man is intertwined with the story of his emerging nation; the treatment is rather good reporting, the result rather good reading.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1967
Publisher: Doubleday