LOOK AROUND! A Book About Shapes by Leonard Everett Fisher

LOOK AROUND! A Book About Shapes

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A concept book leading the child to search in the world around him for basic forms: circle, square, rectangle, triangle. Tana Hoban has explored this concept through photography in her striking Circles, Triangles and Squares; Fisher's bold paintings are as striking, and, like Hoban's, prompt links between the perfect geometric figure and the imperfect forms in the real world. Some of the links are more tenuous than others: e.g., an icecream cone complete with ice cream is more than one logical move from a triangle. But Fisher's designs are elegant; especially notable are a kitten in a box in which shadows create an array of forms, and a many-paned window through which a dark building with three more lit windows is seen, a complex yet serene hymn to squares. Mathematicians may complain (the definition of a rectangle, for instance, describes a parallelogram just as well, but excludes squares); nevertheless, in this well-designed book Fisher achieves his objective--kids should look around more perceptively after reading it, more aware not only of shapes but of harmonious pattern and color in the world around them.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1987
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Viking