THE RISE OF AMERICAN OIL by Leonard H. Fanning


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Published originally in 1936, this is now revised and brought up to date, in so far as inclusion of the extension of oil production in this country is concerned (but with scarcely mention of oil reserves elsewhere)- the improved methods of location, refining, transportation; the secondary supplies; the supplementary uses for war and peace, the synthetics and substitutes, the use of oil in heating, air conditioning, agriculture, and so on. For a quick survey of the historical background, from the discovery of drilling as a means of securing oil, in Titusville, Penna., almost 100 years ago- through the rapid extension (thanks to American inventiveness and drive), the tremendous impetus supplied by the automobile, by aviation, and by this book meets a very real need. But there is still needed a book which captures the drama, the adventure, the romance in this stupendous industrial miracle.

Pub Date: June 9th, 1948
Publisher: Harper