KANE'S WORLD by Leonard Lamensdorf


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This is another of the author's novels about Big Business and if you know your escrow you might be interested. It is fancy pants finance but on the debit side you have to read the not-so-fine print, suffer through some embarrassing love scenes, endure the author's cliche creation Norman Kane. Kane's world is Chicago and he's planning to do some face lifting on the North Shore--six deluxe office buildings, a billion dollar project. But to swing it he has to take in some unwieldy partners--Delbert Kincaid, who comes with the property and brings an irresistible bitch of a wife: General Stone, cantankerous billionaire with a knack for gaining controlling interest in any deal he contracts. Payoffs, bribery, cheating contractors are all part of the package as Norman Kane finds himself foundering under sinking foundations, untrustworthy workmanship, problems with his wife and Mrs. Kincaid and finally bouts with pneumonia and hepatitis. More chi-Kane-ery than Executive Suite. Strictly go for Broker.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Simon & Schuster