AN AFRICAN SEASON by Leonard Levitt


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Leonard Levitt went to Ushirika, Tanganyika to teach school; he found a people of many welcomes waiting for him, as well as a host of serious schoolboys. Assigned to Standard 7A and a stint as choral director and master of the photography club, he and his pal Mike also instituted PE exercises which were a major success. He drank pombe with fellow teachers who called him broo, managed to retrieve a loan by working magic. Then he took off for Capetown and found that ""broo"" turned to ""baas"" in Rhodesia, and that teaching ""kaffirs"" was resented by the whites who otherwise graciously hosted him. His book is a subjective recall of some sensibility and promise; his experience a genuine interchange with a people of differing customs and prospects. It is a new view of Africa that should appeal to the Peace Corps generation, and it is nice, ""very very.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1966
Publisher: Simon & Schuster