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Born into a poverty stricken background, Jack Dempsey is forced at an early age to support himself. When he is not farming or mining, he is defending himself against the bullies who mistake his skinny physique, soprano voice, and Mormon, upbringing as manifestations of girlishness. He flattens most of his oppressors, including men who outweigh him by seventy pounds, and by the time he is sixteen is riding the rails, living in flop houses, and paying his way by fighting huge local boys who willingly roll up their sleeves and take on the frail Dempsey. Not until he defeats Jess Willard, and becomes world champion, is he able to leave the goading worries of constant poverty. In this biography, simply and vividly stated, are accounts of his great fights, his turbulent marriages, his war experiences, and his life as it is today.

Pub Date: May 10th, 1960
Publisher: Simon & Schuster