OUR GANG: The Life and Times of The Little Rascals by Leonard & Richard W. Bann Maltin

OUR GANG: The Life and Times of The Little Rascals

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How much do you love Buckwheat, Farina, Alfalfa, Spanky, Darla--the Little Rascals? You'll have to love them a whole bunch to settle down to summaries of their 221 short comedies--even if the summaries are nicely mixed with critiques, studio gossip, film history, and outbursts that reflect the authors' passionate involvement with their subject: ""Where do they come off lecturing Buckwheat about telling the truth?"" The nostalgia can be infectious, of course; as Maltin & Bann say, ""A trip through Teacher's Pet [1930] recaptures all the best things about an era and a life-style that were passing even as they were being filmed."" So, if you can't find the originals on television much these days, here they are--movie stills abounding--with a where-are-they-now? appendix that, ""Alfalfa"" Switzer notwithstanding, has most of the Our Gang actors winding up pretty much as you'd hope.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1977
Publisher: Crown