THE HAMLET WARNING by Leonard Sanders


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From Minus 12 Days, 02:57 to Plus 3 Hours of strapping entertainment--this two-way story of dangerous potentialities. In Santo Domingo where Clay Loomis, a norteamericano free-lancing idealist serves as head of Security to El Jefe, a revolution is being staged by El Jefe's brother. El Jefe has now been compared to Trujillo. On the other hand one of those pseudonymous international cartels called the Hamlet Group is known to have put a bomb in the hands of a nuclear physicist dropout, finally identified. The action is somewhat more original than its bare outline--there's a body (a plague victim) snatched and planted to facilitate search and seizure operations for the bomb. Less original is US-CIA hoped-for intervention while Loomis (you'd like to see him around alt the time) refuses ""to play grabass"" with Washington. He works independently to put down the revolution which runs interference on location and decontaminationes of the bomb. . . . Sanders writes two jumps ahead of the genre and the reader, and this should bring the book well within striking distance of the popular audience anticipated.

Pub Date: July 27th, 1976
Publisher: Scribners