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Someone is aiming a weapon directly at the White House: a cartel of insane businessmen has installed 750 mortars in 16 different sites which can fire so many shells loaded with plutonium ash that the entire area will be wiped out by radiation. Unless, of course, the President surrenders control of the country to this military-minded elite, which thinks it is really smart and can make the United States a fully productive operation that pays its own way. This group is called Hamlet and was heard from in Sanders' The Hamlet Warning, also a doomsday novel in which ex-CIA agent Loomis deterred the horrors that Hamlet held over our heads. Now 48, Loomis has retired--but Hamlet hasn't, and has sent out an assassination team to kill him. But instead Loomis kills the four killers with their Israeli automatic handmachineguns (all by himself in Chapter One) and is ready to serve the President, who gives Loomis carte blanche to mount an attack on Hamlet. First Loomis must pick up his sidekick Johnson, who is on vacation with his son in Colorado, meeting up with an old guy who collects vintage machine-guns. This is lucky, since they are suddenly attacked by a four-man Hamlet assassin squad and defend themselves handily. . . until Loomis arrives and puts the coup de gr…ce to the assassins. And so on. Will the Loomis-Johnson team find Hamlet's command headquarters in time to prevent the plague? They will indeed. James Bond without the style--very noisy, but awfully boring.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Scribners