SILLY WILLY NILLY by Leonard Welsgard
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Welsgard not quite at his best in pictures, but at easy par with a turrible tricky tale of elephant Willy Nilly and his adventures in the jungle. Errant Willy Nilly's ma tells him not to forget things elephant's shouldn't- not to step on ostrich eggs, poke in to beehives, bother porcupines etc.- so when Willy Nilly goes wandering and meats a lion, his flight home is a model of evasion while the lion gets stung, poked and stubs his toes on the eggs. Silly Willy Nilly is not silly any more- just Willy Nilly. The pictures lack some of the color and dreamlike imaginativeness of his others, but they'd be superb without that comparison.

Pub Date: Feb. 9th, 1953
Publisher: Scribner