YESTERDAY'S LAND by Leonard Wibberley


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More travel-adventuring by the author of No Garlic In The Soup and The Land That Isn't There is at hand when he is ""cozened"" by Bill Dredge to head for Baja California and the San Pedro Martir range in particular. Their prime purpose was never achieved but they did see, through the sturdiness of the Dodge truck that carried them everywhere, a lot of this sometimes enchanted, sometimes haunted, land and through encounters along the way and the ghostly companionship of Father Johann Jakob Baegert learned much of the history and stories of the early days. The sights and scenes of desert, wilderness, coast, ranches, deserted mines, mountains, rare growths and strange phenomena of nature -- have an accompaniment of episodes of camping out, getting lost, hunting almost non-existent roads and becoming familiar with a strange country. This is no guide book for the traveler to follow but a journey to be shared with an ebullient companion, whose observations and tales and thoroughly entertaining.

Publisher: Ives Washburn