TAKE ME TO YOUR PRESIDENT by Leonard Wibberley


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Mrs. Searwood's Secret Weapon and The Mouse That Reared, each with their special devices, were designs for peace and so in this, which makes use of a super rocket and a man from Mars. This is Jerry Blackwood, known as A-1, who is the respected citizen of the Plough and Stars, a Yorkshire pub whose barmaid he has been silently wooing and whose customers, except the newcomer Greene, honor his opinions, among which is his belief that if he could have a half hour, man to man, with the leaders of the world a means could be found to eliminate war. His dog wanders, leads him through the guards of a top secret launching station, into England's latest rocket which he inadvertently sets on its way. Landing in a Nevada lake, in his space suit, with the name of A-1, he takes on the man from Mars identity, gets his wish, after many delays, to see the President, also a fuming English Prime Minister and a doubting Russian official, and, taking more than a half hour, is instrumental in making possible atomic disarmament. Simple, observant fantasy achieves a sometimes shrewd, sometimes amusing aspect in its local, as well as international picture.

Pub Date: July 12th, 1957
ISBN: 0548438366
Publisher: Putnam