MAFIA VENDETTA by Leonardo ciascia


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This is not only somewhere between the short story and the novel in length, but also midway between fiction and fact: i.e. fiction has been used to shroud the elltale identifications in what was presumably an actual case, while, on the other hand, an almost official objectivity conceals what is basically a social reformer's olemic and plea. Essentially this is the dossier on the shooting of one of the big perators in the building trade in a Sicilian town and its attendant ""omerta"" or conspiracy of silence. As the head of the local carabineri, a Northerner, says: "" It's like squeezing tripe; nothing comes out"". For a time (and only after arrests, interrogations, admissions voluntary or otherwise) it seems as if something might ome out -- but then the statement which incriminates is retracted and finally the case is abandoned.... A stringent documentary of the Mafia and its ""cold astute violence"" which has all the authority of a sten gun.

Pub Date: Jan. 13th, 1963
Publisher: Knopf