OFF TO MEXICO by Leone & Alice Leone Moats


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In view of the rapidly increasing tourist interest in Mexico this is a much needed book. It is an exhaustive (and exhausting) guidebook to touring Mexico by car. With the new highway shortly to be opened as the starting point, the authors select Laredo as their point of departure, and from there routes you, via small and large towns, to Mexico City, the West and the East Coast, the mountains, the tropics, picnic places and historical scenes. They plan day trips, week or weekend excursions. They send you by plane when roads and railroads fail. They time your driving to avoid night driving. They give historical background for places of call (and for the average traveler their facts are as sound as needful). There are hints as to food and drink, customs, passports, costs. If it is a practical guidebook you want, this is your book. They set a stiff program, but you can take it or leave it. With the Barretto book, Bright Mexico (page 344), your problem of what to suggest to the traveler Mexico bound, is taken care of for the moment.

Publisher: Scribner