TO ALL MY GRANDCHILDREN: Lessons in Indonesian Cooking by Leonie Samuel-Hool

TO ALL MY GRANDCHILDREN: Lessons in Indonesian Cooking

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Samuel-Hool is freer with background information and shopping-and-storage advice on Indonesian ingredients than are Marks and Soeharjo, above; but otherwise her more extensive text consists of chatty reminiscences about her grandmother's home and kitchen. (As for send-away sources, she lists only her own California restaurant.) Recipes here are significantly fewer and generally simpler, though equally faithful. (However, the reported presence of macaroni with ham and cheddar cheese at many a rijsttafel hardly seems to justify its presence as one of only 16 recipes offered here.) For regional variety, sophistication, detail, professional format, and sheer quantity, the Marks and Soeharjo is unquestionably the Indonesian cookbook of choice. For supplementary folksy flavor, this has its charms.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1981
Publisher: Liplop Press (Box 4520, Berkeley, CA 94704)