THE LOVE SEEKERS by Leonora Hornblow


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An effusive romantic entertainment shifts through a social to sophisticated New York montage to follow the destinies of Letty Brandley and Lewis Medburn, along with several of their friends and relatives. Both Letty and Lewis have been more loving than loved in the past; Lewis for 14 years has not only been married but tied to Bee who has from the beginning been free to take trips and lovers as she chose; Letty has had an un-admitted affair with Eddy, a night club operator with a cheap fascination. As Lewis goes to the coast to ask Bee for his divorce (and again be susceptible to her considerable charm) Eddy comes back to New York- and Letty is again available. But during the course of the weekend, the scandal which involves the daughter of a friend gives Eddy a chance to show that he is something a little better than a heel and he leaves Letty with something more than shoddiness and shame to salvage from the old affair..... Not as sleek as the earlier Memory and Desire but an intimate form of feminine entertainment, suitably seasonal.

Pub Date: July 8th, 1957
Publisher: Random House