PRETTY IMPOSTOR by Leonora Starr


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Pleasant reading, in a fast moving story with a traditional plot made credible by the handling. Anne Rutherford has brought her orphaned nephew, Sandy, to live with his dour Scotch grandfather, Sir Alexander Claeburn, laird of Cawdorstoun. Her stay is made difficult, almost intolerable, by the scorn of Sir Alexander's sisters, who had disliked their nephew's marriage to ""a blond hussy"". Then Anne meets Callum Fraser, her dead brother in law's closest friend; there's a period of misunderstanding when he mistakes her for the dead Jean, and only when Anne takes Sandy away from the unfortunate influence of Cawderstoun, does Callum realize how much he loves her- and the old grandfather makes his choice, sends for Anne to return, and ousts his sisters. All ends well, as Callum brings Anne back to her rightful place. Rental library -branch library material.

Publisher: Arcadia