THIS LITTLE PIG-A-WIG by Leonore--Ed. Blegvad


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Cats and dogs (celebrated in previous Blegvad collections) have their pre-existing audiences, but it's hard to see what has been gained by bringing together 22 nursery rhymes with pigs in them. There are three versions here (one of which appears twice) of the toe play (not so identified) ""This Little Piggy""; three that begin ""Little Betty Pringie"" (or ""Little lack Sprat"" or ""My Uncle Jehosophat"") had a pig; several other familiar ditties (""To Market, To Market,"" ""Dickory Dickory Dare""): and one interesting oddity called ""Let's Go to the Woods"" (to kiss my mother to death). Erik Blegvad makes an inviting little mystery out of ""As I looked out on a Saturday last,/A fat little pig went hurrying past""--which ends with the pig returning: ""And he smiled a smile that was quite content./ But never I knew where that little pig went."" But in the aggregate, his prim, quaint little pictures only confirm the impression that pigs is pigs.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1978
Publisher: Atheneum (Margaret K. McElderry)