QUEST: The Evolution of a Scientist by Leopold Infeld

QUEST: The Evolution of a Scientist

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Three years ago, The Evolution of Physics by Einstein and Infeld, proved to this doubter, at least, that abstract science could be exciting reading for the complete neophyte. This is the life story of the man who collaborated with Einstein on that book, -- a Polish physicist, born in a Ghetto in Cracow, who was blocked through life by anti-Semitism, a hurdle he was never able to take. From childhood, the ambition to become a scientist was a guiding light. He secured a post as a teacher; through his wife's family he secured a University position, only once more to encounter prejudice. A Rockefeller fellowship game him a chance for study at Cambridge -- but he was unable to make further progress in Poland, and eventually came to America. Now a university appointment in Toronto and remarriage open new channels. By his own admission, Infold is a self-conscious Jew, with a bitter inferiority complex, and very emotional about it all, which makes discomfiting reading.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1941
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran