MUSIC FOR ALL OF US by Leopold Stokowski


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This was reported last January. We see no particular reason to revise our opinion, though we acknowledge that the combination of Eassandess and Stokowski's name, and a good, popular title, may -- probably will -- mean big sales. We've guessed wrong on some of these tabloid culture books, so we may be wrong again in thinking that this outsimplifies all simplifications on the theory of music for the herd. Is there a downward limit to this method? Purely impersonal generalizations about the basic elements of music, the soul, the heart, the universality of music. He touches on the fundamentals of tone, melody, rhythm, form, harmony; he treats the subject of performance, -the instruments, orchestra, recording, broadcasting; he finally relates forms to cultures. This hits for the lowest common denominator of musical intelligence. They listen; but do they read?

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1943
Publisher: Simon & Schuster