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Third in the Don Sebastian de Villanueva vampire series (The Black Castle, The Silver Skull), this finds the old century-hopping bloodsucker now entangled in the French Revolution. The story starts in good lurid form--as bosomy Countess Juliette de Corville, a student of the occult, hires old magician Raoul Rollin to bring Don Sebastian back to life after his past three centuries' death-sleep. The resurrection succeeds, sex and blood-sucking ensue, the revived Don meets the Marquis de Sade and then Dr. Guillotin, who's trying out his new invention--which will scientifically dispatch the aristocrats from the new Republic. Perhaps the rivers of blood he is about to bring forth will entice Don Sebastian's aid in the uprising? But the Don is barely interested. Only when Juliette is imprisoned does he make a ""political"" gesture: he turns her into a vampire and cheats the guillotine. And when Juliette passes along the vampirism to revolutionary young Andre, the maddened lad takes off for a mid-air bat-battle with Don Sebastian (after Juliette's maid, Andre's love, has driven a broomstick through her mistress' chest). Foolish, decadent stuff for the whimsical horror/titillation audience.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1981
Publisher: Scribners