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by Les Roberts

Pub Date: June 15th, 1998
ISBN: 0-312-18663-0
Publisher: Dunne/St. Martin's

Still mourning the shooting of his best friend, Lt. Marko Meglich (The Cleveland Local, 1997), Milan Jacovich is in no mood to go back to work. But producer Sidney Friedman insists he’d be the perfect minder for Monarch Films’ callow megastar Darren Anderson, who’s come to Cleveland to shoot exteriors for Street Games. It’s easy money for serving as an all-expense-paid tour guide, says Sidney (“Mr. Friedman is my father, and he’s dead.” Milan dutifully leads irresistible, narcissistic Darren around town for two weeks before taking a Sunday off at this charge’s insistence. So he’s not around to see Darren’s assignation in Edgewater Park with the underage daughter of the film’s major backer, or--since he quits Sidney on the spot when he finds out about Darren’s roving eye--to see Darren get shot back in his Bay Village apartment the next day. From here on in, things get even more smoothly conventional, as Milan swears to avenge the kid he let down, goes hunting for suspects who might not have liked Darren (starting with the Cleveland and Hollywood phone books), finds a promising new love, and gets caught amid a school of sharks--Darren’s hopeful heirs, a predatory tabloid hostess, a jealous fiancÇ convinced Milan’s moving in on his intended, the ubiquitous Cleveland mob--who all want a piece of him. Roberts puts her story through its paces with vigor and heart, if without any real surprises.