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QUEEN AMONG THE DEAD by Lesley Livingston


by Lesley Livingston

Pub Date: Jan. 17th, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-63893-018-1
Publisher: Zando

History and magic intertwine in this fantasy retelling of ancient Celtic mythology.

As the voiceless, unloved younger daughter of Eire’s Dagda, Neve Anann Eriu holds no true power despite her eagerness and ambition. But the tragic death of her older sister, the crown princess, sees Neve on the path to the kingdom’s throne. It’s a path filled with magic, treason, and unexpected alliances. Ronan is a former Druid apprentice–turned-thief whose life is transformed after an unexpected encounter with Neve, a princess whose blood shines with the forbidden magic they seem, impossibly, to share. At a time when magic is outlawed and performed only by power-hungry Druids, Neve and Ronan find themselves on a collision course that could unite the land they both love. The myths of prehistorical Ireland come to life in this slow-moving dual-perspective fantasy novel inspired by ancient legends. It’s a story filled to the brim with sorcery and treason and with a pinch of romance. It also reflects on social divides and injustices between the outcast ancient peoples of Eire and the invading usurpers. Lengthy expository sections bog down parts of the novel but not enough to mar Neve’s ongoing story of growing into her power through her believable fighting skills, smart diplomacy, and outmaneuvering of those who underestimate her.

A lovely story fit for a mythical queen.

(the Folk of Eire) (Fantasy. 14-18)